How to delete bundles and related activities Portrait Dialogue?

Product Feature: Message Manager

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated
In Portrait Dialogue™ solution, in Visual Dialogue, opening Message Manager gives you to ability to view the messages in the queues.
There are separate tabs for each of the following queues, Outbox, Send queue, Erroneous, Sent items & Bounced emails.

In these queues, you can right click on a "Bundle" and select Delete to remove the messages.
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There will be a confirmation pop-up window:
 User-added image
And finally, a pop-up window giving you the option to delete activities related to the messages:
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If you select "No", only the messages will be deleted.
If you select "Yes", the messages will be deleted, and it will also completely clear all references to the message in the database.  
It will be as if the message never happened.  
UPDATED:  August 1, 2017