How to add database connection in Portrait Miner

Portrait Miner allows export / import of a Focus to / from a database. To achieve this, a database connection needs to be setup in Portrait Miner Server machine.

Following are the step to connect to a database using x64-bit ODBC driver on Windows:

Create of a System DSN:
  • Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools.
  • Double-click on Data Sources (ODBC), to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator window. Fill up the details in the New Data Source window. Note: Remember the Name, Username and Password of the data source. This will be needed while creating a Database Connection in Portrait Miner
Use DSN in the Portrait Miner:
  • In Portrait Miner, under the Databases tab ( located at left bottom of the Miner window), click on New Connection.
  • In the New Database connection window, DSN (Data Source Name), Username and Password used in step 3.
  • Click on OK to create New database connection.
Note: A x64 bit ODBC DSN is needed to create a Data Source on client machines.

For detailed information about the Database Connection, refer Portrait Miner Administration Guide or click on HELP (F1) in the Miner client and search for 'To set up a database connection'.
UPDATED:  December 19, 2017