Learn about Exporting a Focus from Decision Studio to a database in Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Focus building
From the Decision Studio, a Focus can be exported to a data file, database table, or to a focus.

Following are the steps to export a Focus to a Database.
  • In the Decision Studio window, choose Focus / Export Data (located at top right of the Decision Studio window).
  • The Export Records dialog box appears.
  • Click on Browse button, select the RDBMS tab and choose the Database Connection where the focus needs to be exported to and type the New Table Name.
  • Note: A new table will be created in the Database that will hold the data from the Focus. Hence, the user must have appropriate access rights on the database to run this functionality.
  • Click on Export.
To know about creating a Database connection, follow creating New Database Connection in Portrait Miner.

For detailed information about Data / Focus export to a database, click on HELP(F1) and search for the topic 'Exporting records to a data file, database table, or focus'.
UPDATED:  August 4, 2017