How to update License Key for EngageOne Designer and EngageOne Enrichment when migrating to another server

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

If you are considering migrating the software products below from one system to another due to an upgrade or a disaster failover recovery, you should ensure the license key file is carried over to the new system so the software products continue to operate as normal.

For EngageOne Designer, it is not necessary to input the license key again as the license key is stored in the database.

For EngageOne PCE, the existing license key will work.

For EngageOne Enrichment, the license key is tied to the system MAC address. So if installing on a server with a different MAC address, a new key will need to be requested.  Please raise a case through, when the request will be assigned to the fulfilment queue for action. 
UPDATED:  January 26, 2018