How to backup files and restore on a new system in EngageOne Content Author

Product Feature: Installation and Upgrade
To restore EngageOne Content Author backup files onto a new system, you will need the EngageOne Content Author database backup and the Resource Server database backup from SQL Server. All the settings will be available in the backup files.
Once you have these backup files, you can restore them on the Test system.

1) Use SQL Server Management Studio to perform a SQL backup of the EngageOne Content Author, Reports (if used), and the Resource Server databases on the old server.
2) Use SQL Server Management Studio to perform a SQL restore of these databases to the new server.
3) If you meet all of the hardware/software requirements in the EngageOne Content Author Release Notes, install EngageOne Content Author on the new application server system.  
4) In the Configuration Manager, use values that point to the restored databases on the new server.  The Configuration Manager will automatically upgrade these databases.
UPDATED:  November 7, 2017