How to rollback to a previous release of EngageOne Server after upgrading

Product Affected: EngageOne Server

We will suggest taking a backup of the EngageOne Server database and active-drive.

Keep a backup of the .ear and .war file from the existing build of EngageOne Server.

The .ear file is located in
<EngageOneInstallDir>/server/Jboss directory.

The .war file is located in <EngageOneInstallDir>/server/Jboss directory.

Once the files are backed up, upgrade to the new release can be undertaken.

As part of the upgrade process, it is also required to execute the upgrade script.

To revert back to the previous install, restore the EngageOne Server database, active-drive, .ear and .war files back to the default EngageOne install directory located in
<EngageOneInstallDir>/server/Jboss directory.

UPDATED:  November 28, 2017