How to install the Portrait Dialogue SYS Database

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Under normal circumstances, the Portrait Dialogue database schema should be created using the dedicated installer.
There are, however, circumstances where the installer does not work.
This article describes the steps required to create such database manually. 

Creating database schema
Whenever you need to execute SQL script or command (which can be provided by support), always remember to use variant dedicated to your SQL Server, e.g. Miscrosoft SQL Server or Oracle Database.

1.    Create new database that will be used by the Portrait Dialogue system.

2.    Execute SQL script, depending on your SQL server:

2.1.    SQLServer_create_schema.sql* — for Microsoft SQL Server

2.2.    Oracle_create_schema.sql* — for Oracle Database

2.3.    Only for SQL Server:

2.3.1.    Execute SQL command from file set_read_committed_snapshot.sql*. Do not forget to replace the “<DATABASENAME>” string with the Portrait Dialogue database name.

2.4.    If your Customer ID is other than VarChar(40) than execute SQL Script change_customer_id_datatype.sql**. Do not forget to replace the “<cust_id_datatype>” string with required Customer ID type, e.g. “BigInt”.

3.    Copy the following files to a temporary folder:

3.1.    InstSystemdata.exe**

3.2.    system_data_definition.xml**

3.3.    Run the InstSystemdata.exe using the system_data_definition.xml file.

* Manual install scripts can be provided by support, only if we determine a valid situation that will result in a supported platform.  
** Included in the product distribution files

UPDATED:  November 23, 2017