How to enable concurrent DOC1GEN processes in EngageOne Server

Settings available in EngageOne Server v3.x and 4.x.
Depending on the load, EngageOne Server decides how many DOC1GEN processes should work in the background.

If the processing queue is expected to grow (i.e. there are many requests), the pool size value can be increased to cater for the high load requests.

The values of the settings available in the config-setting.xml file can be increased: pool.size.minimum and pool.size.maximum.


The value specified for the pool.size.minimum denotes how many DOC1GEN processes will be made available ready to execute on requests.
If the value is increased to 2, this means a minimum of 2 DOC1GEN processes will be made available to run in the background.


The value specified denotes the maximum number of concurrent DOC1GEN processes available to run in the background. 
If the Value is set to 5, it means additional DOC1GEN processes can be created to run in the background up to a maximum of 5 concurrent DOC1GEN processes.
UPDATED:  November 13, 2017