How are the changes to the Sep. 2017 Postal Reference files using MailStream Plus and NDC PT going to affect my job

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Sep. 2017 USPS Postal Reference File
Operating System: All Platforms
This communication was sent with the release of the Sep. 2017 Postal Reference files(PRF) for MailStream Plus(MSP) 8.3.3:
“Note:  The USPS® has changed five of the “label-to” NDC ZIP Codes in the Sept 2017 postal reference file (PRF). If you are using the MailStream Plus NDC PT parameter to do one of these types of processing, you will see an informational message generated during parameter validation:
·You are generating all entry points for all NDCs (Y in NDC PT position 8),
·You are generating individual NDC PTs for a specific NDC, and ·You do not provide a ZIP Code in positions 22-26
The informational message will indicate that the ZIP Code could not be found for the NDC indicated: 0004: B070 ZIP not found – Where “B070” is replaced with each of the entry point codes (B070, B011, B630, B661, B902).
MailStream Plus™ could not find the ZIP Code and is using a default ZIP Code, instead. Below is a list of the NDCs and their respective default ZIP Codes:
B070   NDC NEW JERSEY       Default ZIP Code Used =  07001
B011   NDC SPFLD            Default ZIP Code Used =  01101
B630   NDC ST LOUIS         Default ZIP Code Used =  63005
B661   NDC KANS CITY        Default ZIP Code Used =  66101
B902   NDC LOS ANGELES      Default ZIP Code Used =  90201

We are correcting this issue in the next general release of MailStream Plus™.”
Here is a more in depth  explanation:  
If you run a job using the Sep. 2017 PRF files or later and the job is using the NDC PT, the messages below are just cosmetic. Here is what the job message could look like if you use the NDC PT (Y in NDC PT position 8) this message will show up in the msrprpt, prntrpt or jobname.rpt:
NDC PT Y Y           60499 BEDFORD PARK IL 60499         NNNYN         N
                     #####                                                       0004: B070 ZIP not found
                     #####                                                       0004: B011 ZIP not found
                     #####                                                       0004: B630 ZIP not found
                     #####                                                       0004: B661 ZIP not found
                     #####                                                       0004: B902 ZIP not found

There will be not be a problem with the zip codes sent to the 5 given NDC entry points.  The change will just be reflected in the ENT PT generated using the
Before using the Sep PRF files –
ENT PT     B001      07097 NDC NEW JERSEY        NJ 00102NNNYN BYY 4
ENT PT     B055      01152 NDC SPFLD             MA 05500NNNYN BYY 4
ENT PT     B632      63042 NDC ST LOUIS          MO 63299NNNYN BYY 4
ENT PT     B643      66106 NDC KANS CITY         KS 64399NNNYN BYY 4
ENT PT     B909      90201 NDC LOS ANGELES       CA 90901NNNYN BYY 4
With the Sep PRF files(or later)  –
ENT PT     B070      07001 NDC NEW JERSEY        NJ 07097NNNYN BYY 4 > was B001
ENT PT     B011      01101 NDC SPFLD             MA 01152NNNYN BYY 4 > was B055
ENT PT     B630      63005 NDC ST LOUIS          MO 63046NNNYN BYY 4 > was B632
ENT PT     B661      66101 NDC KANS CITY         KS 66107NNNYN BYY 4 > was B643
ENT PT     B902      90201 NDC LOS ANGELES       CA 90299NNNYN BYY 4 > was B909
The correct NDC range will be used for each NDC as it always has, just the E CODE value has changed.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2017