How long will the current version of MailStream Plus be supported

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: All Platforms

The MailStream Plus software version that is currently supported  today, follows the current USPS rules and rates. When the USPS changes the rules and rates, a new version of MailStream Plus will be released.  When these rule changes go into effect, only the next release will contain the new rules and rates, then  the currently supported MailStream Plus version will no longer be supported.  This issue to the fact that mailings run using a version of MailStream Plus with old rules and rates will get the mailing rejected at the USPS.
When the USPS requests a rate change and/or rules changes, the Postal Rate Commission(PRC) must review these.  Then the PRC must decide if the proposed rates and rules changes will be approved.  This process usually takes a few months.
UPDATED:  June 28, 2018