How to change the permissions on the files that get created in the Active-Drive on a Linux environment.

Product Feature: Administration

Operating System: Linux

To get EngageOne to create folders with the 775 permissions, you will need to change the 'umask' for the userid that starts Websphere. Normally the default mask is 0022 and that means folders will be 755, which is what you are seeing. If you change this to 0002 then you will get the 775 permissions.

Procedure To Setup Default umask

You can setup umask in /etc/bashrc or /etc/profile file for all users. By default most Linux distro set it to 0022 (022) or 0002 (002). Open /etc/profile or ~/.bashrc file, enter:
# vi /etc/profile
$ vi ~/.bashrc
Append/modify following line to setup a new umask:
umask 0002
Save and close the file. Changes will take effect after next login. All UNIX users can override the system umask defaults in their /etc/profile file, ~/.profile (Korn / Bourne shell) ~/.cshrc file (C shells), ~/.bash_profile (Bash shell) or ~/.login file (defines the user’s environment at login).

This is an environmental change and is outside the scope of EngageOne as its the parent process (Websphere) that creates the folders and files.
UPDATED:  August 2, 2017