Does the MailStream Plus IBMi platform F23=Card Edit (Global Card Image Editor) do validation of input settings?

Operating System: IBMi (as400, iSeries)
On the IBMi platform, while most of the MailStream Plus parameters are input via the normal Character-Based User Interface (CHUI) screens, some lesser-used parameters are input using the 'F23=Card Edit' CHUI editor.

The normal parameter CHUI screens do some validation as to correct values being entered, and will adjust positioning in some cases.  
But the Global CHUI editor does not.  It provides a basic layout of the positions where settings are to be input (see example below), but does not do any validation.

       1         2         3         4         5         6 
     1   22
    AAAA BB                                                
[E DESC] (Provide Entry Point Description for N/A file.) 
A = Location of the Entry Point Description in the NA file.
B = Length of Description.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017