How to replace an existing inventory with a more accurate one in Confirm

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Consider an environment where set of assets are linked to another asset (for example- signal heads, poles and other equipment etc are linked to a Traffic Signal Controller). These assets are their own standalone assets and are not an inventory (i.e they have features, site codes and plot numbers, can be plotted on a map etc). Now the requirement is to replace the existing traffic signal inventory with a more accurate one.
Challenge:To determine where in the asset import documents,one would identify an existing or even a new parent asset for them. The inventory item only imports what seems to be a dummy asset (it has no site, plot number etc).


For linking to a feature , Link Parent Id should be provided within the import file against the inventory being imported.
Same could be reffered in the Confirm Help file under
Specifications>Import Anything Specification (LJM-59-129)> Inventory and Inventory Attributes
“The Link Parent Id should be the Central Asset Id or Feature Id (case sensitive) of an existing Feature that is live at the Start Date of the Inventory Item. The Feature must be of the appropriate Feature Group otherwise the import will be rejected.”
UPDATED:  August 24, 2017