How to check geotax Database expiration exact date

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

The Database Version Information Utility (DBINFO) returns the current date and expiration date for the Address Matcher database (also referred to as the Master files) and the SPD file and also returns the number of days until each one expires.

 To execute this utility using Windows:
• Navigate to your ...\GeoTAX\bin location and execute the DBINFO.BAT script.
The resulting DBINFO.RPT and DBINFO.RPT.RTF files are written to your …\GeoTAX\data location.

To execute this utility using UNIX:
1. Go to the /bin directory.  
2. Source the setup file. For example, enter: . ./setup
3. Execute dbinfo to create the report file.
4. View job output in file dbinfo.rpt in the /data directory.

Expiration of Database:
Each GeoTAX database will expire five months from its vintage date. A warning will be issued approximately two weeks before the expiration date of the database. The expiration and warning apply to both batch and the interactive matcher. An option to override the expiration date exists to allow an expired database to continue to work. e.g. For the October 2015 database, the data will expire on March 1st 2016. A warning will be issued starting February 16th 2016. The expiration and warning will apply to both batch and the interactive matcher.


Environment Details

Operating System: HP_UX


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