How to change the vault index value after ingestion in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: August 2, 2017

Following are the steps that explain the steps needed to be performed if value of an index needs to be changed after ingestion for example when document was ingested name of customer was Jane Doe and later on it is required to be changed to Jane Smith.
Since custom attributes are document properties, the index entries will reflect the account/name at the time the document was generated. If the name is changed and new documents are loaded the index would look like as follows:

  • 123456 Jane Doe -> [account 123456 date 2016/01/01]
  • 123456 Jane Doe -> [account 123456 date 2016/02/01]
  • 123456 Jane Doe -> [account 123456 date 2016/03/01]
  • 123456 Jane Smith -> [account 123456 date 2016/04/01]
  • 123456 Jane Smith -> [account 123456 date 2016/05/01]

This shows document ingested in January, February and March were ingested with the name 'Jane Doe' whereas documents ingested in April and May were having the name as 'Jane Smith'.

Follow this process to reflect new name for the documents ingested with the earlier name:
1.Prepare a list of all jobs that need to be edited using indexchk. For example:
tools\indexcheck index\sit_estatement\acct_num_name.dri 123456, output shall be as below :

[123456 Jane Doe_20160101-xxxxxxxxxx_]
[123456 Jane Doe_20160201-xxxxxxxxxx_]
[123456 Jane Doe_20160301-xxxxxxxxxx_]

2. Save copies of the drd/drp/jrn for each of these jobs from pagedata/docdata directory.
3. Properly unindex and remove the jobs from service using .remove flag files. Refer  How to safely remove ingested job.
4. From server\removed directory, delete the drd files.
5. In server\removed, edit the journals to change the value of the ACCT_NUM_NAME property
<DDSDocValue name="ACCT_NUM_NAME" type="text" len="8">123456 Jane Doe</DDSDocValue>
<DDSDocValue name="ACCT_NUM_NAME" type="text" len="10">123456 Jane Smith</DDSDocValue>
6. Move removed\*.drp  to Server\work directory
7. Move removed\*.jrn Server\download directory
The e2loaderd process should see the journal, rebuild the drd with the new value and index the job.


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