How to enable 3GB support for the MH Dialog Server in Component Services in Portrait Dialogue

To enable the 3GB support for Portrait Dialogue, please perform the following steps:
  • Navigate to Microsoft Service console (CMD / type services.msc) and stop all the Portrait Dialogue services (MH Dialog Manager Service, MH Receive Mail Service, MH Send Message Service). 
  • Navigate to Component services (CMD / type comexp.msc).
  • Explore Computer / My Computer / COM+ Applications, right click on MH Dialog Server and select Properties.
  • Go to Advanced tab in the MH Dialog Server Properties window and check the Enable 3GB support checkbox:
  • Enable_3GB_for_MH_Dialogue_Server_in_Comp_Services
  • Restart all the Portrait Dialogue services in the Microsoft Service console.
  • To verify that 3GB support for the COM Surrogate process is enabled, Start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Escape) and search for dllhst3g.exe*32 in the Process tab.
  • If the dllhst3g.exe*32 process is visible in the Task Manager, then it means that the 3GB-enabled version of the COM Surrogate process is enabled and running.  If 3GB has not been enabled a dllhost.exe*32 process will be running instead.

Note: It has been noted that dllhst3g.exe*32 can sometimes be blocked from running by certain anti-virus frameworks because the AV believes it could be a potential threat. Therefore, it is good practice to add the dllhst3g.exe executable to the AV exception list.
UPDATED:  July 26, 2017