Can Mail360 Data Manager (EngageOne Delivery Audit, EngageOne Inform) use the Mail.dat files for Start-the-Clock?

Products affected: Mail360 Data Manager™ starting with version 2.5, and EngageOne™ Delivery Audit, and EngageOne™ Inform) 
Platform is Windows.
Starting with Mail360 Data Manager™ (DM) version 2.5.0, Mail.dat files that were ingested into DM would be used to determine the start-the-clock date/time.
(Later DM version 4.0 was called EngageOne™ Delivery Audit,  and newer versions are called EngageOne™ Inform.)

For example, the DM 3.0.0 User's Guide has an informational note starting on page numbered  37 that says-
For successfully adding a Mail.dat® into the MAIL360 Data Manager™ system, the
above mentioned files (.HDR, .PDR, .CSM and .CQT) are mandatory. You also need to
ensure that the .CSM file is not blank and a value (date) exists for the Actual Induction
Date field corresponding to each record. The Actual Induction Date should be as close as
possible to the date (actual induction date) on which the corresponding container/tray has
been inducted in a USPS® facility. For this, you need to ensure that the Mail.dat® files,
which you are adding into the MAIL360 Data Manager™ system, are the final ones that
have been sent to the USPS®. You also need to understand that in a .CSM file, Actual
Induction Date may or may not be populated by a presort software. It is populated by a
Mail.dat® editing software during the post-presort process. This will help you in improving
the Start-the-Clock (STC) scan processing time.

UPDATED:  May 14, 2019