Understanding why Transfer warnings do not impact the transfer of the Street Works Notices in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm
Street Works Notices will be transferred to the recipient system, in spite of the transfer warnings, provided the Web Services are up and running and the Notice meets the preset transfer criteria.  Confirm also has the capability of importing/exporting the Notices irrespective of the warnings.
Additionally if a Notice has been imported or created and there have been issues with the data then the Transfer Warnings field will be set to 'Yes'. Notices can be reviewed and this field can be manually updated.  The options are:
  • 'No' - Indicates that the Notice complies with the validation checks that Confirm ran when it was imported or created.
  • 'Yes' - Indicates that Confirm has identified a problem in the Notice. The Validation Warnings field will contain details of the problem(s).
  • 'Checked' - The user can select this to indicate that they have checked the Notice manually.

The Validation Warnings field shows warnings generated during the import or creation of the Street Works Notice.
Validation Warnings are stored for Promoter Notices (e.g. Planned, Immediate, Bar Hole Registration etc) if the Primary Recipient of the Works has the Initiation Flag ticked on the Additional tab of the Organisation screen.
Validation Warnings are stored for Authority Notices (e.g. Unattributable, Licences etc) if the 'From' Organisation of the Works has the Initiation Flag ticked.
Validation Warnings are always stored for Notices imported via the EToN Web Service, regardless of the Initiation Flag's state.
When Validation Warnings are stored, the Transfer Warnings field is set to 'Yes'.
Changing the Transfer Warnings field to 'No' or 'Checked' does not remove the Validation Warnings, but it will remove the WARNINGS label on the History Tab for that Notice.
Send and receive warnings, and errors for EToN 1-3 Notices, will also be stored and appear in the Validation Warnings field.
UPDATED:  May 8, 2019