Error "Invalid Value in Position(s)" Using MailStream Plus

MailStream Plus™, all versions,  all platforms
In chapter 3 'Resolving Errors' of the MailStream Plus™ (MSP) Guide, in the section "Error Code Information" the table has this entry-
Error     Severity
Code      Level        Text Description
----      ------
1002        8          Invalid value in position(s) nnn

And the "To Fix It..." column says-
Look at parameter listing, make corrections to parameter. This error may also occur when the value being selected in the indicated parameter/position is not allowed based on other parameter settings in the mailing. Please review the layout of the flagged parameter for defaults and valid job definitions.

Originally, the MSP MSXXVP00 verification program validated parameters one line at a time.  But as mailings regulations have changed, it now requires MSXXVP00 to know more about the mailing, because certain values on parameters may only be allowed for some types of mailings.

So it may be that the input value is always not allowed, like putting an X in a position that only allows Y or N. But it may also be that the value is just not allowed in the specific type of mailing being done.

For one example, ALG PL position 58 accepts values Y or N, to select whether to do a "Customer/Supplier Agreement" (CSA) mailing.  CSAs are only allowed for First-Class Letters and Flats.  If the mailing is for Standard Mail class, then ALG PL pos 58=Y would give this error.

When this error is encountered, please refer to the MailStream Plus Guide for the particular parameter/position being flagged for more information.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019