How to move a CODE-1 Plus installation from one IBMi machine to another IBMi machine

Operating System: iSeries, IBMi

Other than installing a new license for the new machine, here is what would need to be done to move CODE-1 Plus from one IBMi machine to another IBMi machine (without doing an actual installation):

Libraries to move:

G1@@PGMS (or equivalent)
G1xxPGMS for each product (or equivalent)

All work libraries that you use (or minimally, PRMxxJOBID and CMDxxJOBID files within these libraries as this is what allows the jobs to run).
All of these moves should be done using SAVLIB, RSTLIB for the CODE-1 Plus libraries, and SAVOBJ,RSTOBJ (or SAVLIB,RSTLIB if desired) for the work libraries.
Please keep in mind that this will not install the help systems. 

UPDATED:  April 11, 2017