Vault FileMode Explained

UPDATED: September 7, 2017

Vault FileMode=0 and Vault FileMode=1 are profile.ini settings that control how a Postscript document is rendered.

FileMode=0 is the default setting.  When a large document is rendered, this mode sends the file in page by page chunks from server to render (and on to the client application)

If FileMode=1 is set, it is usually because the print stream is using operators that aren't working in FileMode=0.

For example, it might use the currentfile operator to open itself and read a range of bytes into an image or other resource.

Note that you cannot switch between FileMode=0 and FileMode=1 after data is loaded as it affects the layout of the compressed data.

If FileMode=1 is used it spools the pages to disk, then hands rendering off to e2ps/Ghostscript.


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