Finding the supported Oracle versions for Confirm

Products affected: Confirm® (information correct as at Confirm version 19.00)
Product feature: Application Infrastructure
Database: Oracle
Oracle VersionSupport Status
10g R2Withdrawn November 2015
11g R1To be Withdrawn v20 Release
11g R2To be Withdrawn v20 Release
12c R1 (see Note 1 below)Current
12c R2 (see Note 1 below)Current
Note 1: Oracle 12c using a Container Database architecture requires Confirm® v15.20 or above. Prior to this (v15.10) only supported Oracle 12c R1 in the traditional (non-container) database deployment

Note 2: Confirm client supports 32bit Oracle drivers only. Installing the 64bit Oracle client will not work.
UPDATED:  February 8, 2019