How to use the Release MSI-Installer for MapInfo Pro

Just for the English version we provide a MSP installer. We do this especially for our customer packaging or deploying our software. All other customers who run a localized language need to run the executable (EXE) we also provide.

As a workaround you can extract the MSI from our EXE file and use this for patching purpose. This can be easily done with the following command:

setup.exe /s /x /b"C:\FolderInWhichMSIWillBeExtracted" /v"/qn"

This will create an MSI which is feasible.

One of the main things that the executable does is ensure that the patch is run with administrative privileges. The user could extract the MSI from the executable and just run the MSI but if they do not run it with administrative privileges then the patch won’t run. 
Environment Details
Product Feature: Installation

UPDATED:  September 11, 2017