Resolve MapInfo Pro 32 bit and GeoTiff format and black boxes

UPDATED: March 28, 2017

If users have a GeoTiFF image created from a 3rd party software it may not open MapInfo Pro 32.
Client may receive black boxes or distorted images.

The 64 bit version of MapInfo Professional has support for additional Raster functionality. This also includes other raster handlers. And one of the image formats supported by those extra raster handlers is TIFF. It is possible 64 bit version of Pro with MapInfo Advanced is working differently than the 32 bit version.

Briefly – the 32 bit version has 3 raster handlers that can open TIFF files:
Please have clients try a quick test, go to MapInfo Pro 32 bit installation directory.
Rename halo.rhv to halo.rha.
Close the image. Try opening it again.

If that doesn’t work, restore the halo filename and rename leadtools:

               Rename halo.rha back to halo.rhv.
               Rename leadtool.rhx to leadtool.rha.
Close the image. Try opening it again.

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