How to call CODE-1 Plus to match ZIP Codes to city/state combinations

The C1CTYLKP callable routine allows you to match ZIP Codes to city/state combinations. By using C1CTYLKP, you can have CODE-1 Plus retrieve a city/state for a given ZIP Code, a ZIP Code for a given city/state, or provide verification that a given ZIP Code and city/state combination is correct.

C1CTYLKP is a COBOL subroutine that you can call from your own program; it uses your copy of the CODE-1 Plus database to obtain its results

C1CTYLKx can provide three different functions, depending upon the type of data that is passed from the calling program:

1) ZIP Code only
2) City and State Only
3) ZIP Code and City/State

For more information, see Chapter 3 of the CODE-1 Plus 4.1 Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  April 11, 2017