Resubmitting BSV bundle from backup folder in Output Manager

When an OfficeMail bundle requires re-submission from backup folder in Output Manager.

Prerequisite Connect-Spool has to be set to backup the bundles:

1. Locate the bundle from Connect Spool backup directory
2. Copy the bundle to a temporary location
3. Remove the Job Number and underscore from the bundle name
4. Create an appropriate modifier for the bundle:
Contains Plex and required colour option for example:

USERCOLUMN1=<job_ID>_Black and White_Duplex_C5_2nd Class

5. Name of the mod file as bundle name .MOD including the BSV file name
6 Copy both files to Spool watch folder

The bundle appears on the MGR job list with new job number.
Environment Details
Product Feature:  Input Clients
Operating System:Windows (All)
UPDATED:  January 2, 2019