How To Determine if MailStream Plus correctly mark pieces such as Single Piece rate, and non-barcoded pieces, as 'O' for Other for CQT-1112 IMb "Service Level Indicator"

By *default*, MailStream Plus (MSP) knows the minimum amount required to qualify a mailing, which for First-Class for example is 500 pieces.

With 500 pieces, and F (Full Service) for the Mail.dat Service level xx INF MDMFSP (to populate Mail.dat Field Code CQT-1112) a job gives the Full Service STIDs in the IMbs, and an F (Full Service) in CQT-1112.

With under 500 pieces MSP posts the Basic/Non-Automation STID in the IMbs, and an O (for 'Other') in CQT-1112.
UPDATED:  April 14, 2017