How to resolve 'duplicate entry' error when exporting template in EngageOne

In EngageOne v3.0.5, users can sometimes get error message when exporting template from the EO Admin: duplicate entry:"com.g1.ocm.api.DeliveryException" `: duplicate entry : [D7237E587F8B4D4F9C81AA804BE6EB22].hip

The EngageOne Engineering team has indicated that there were duplicated name mini device HIP existed for some devices in the environment and the unexpected scenario cause exporting template failed. 

The Engineering team has implemented code change to avoid adding duplicated name device HIP into exported device/template/delivery option. 

This is fixed in EO GA Release (Build 50) onwards.

Please contact Support to request the latest EO Software.
UPDATED:  April 22, 2017