How to find EngageOne Sticky Session information with Load Balancer and Persistency

Sticky sessions on EngageOne load balancer and what kind of persistency is required (i.e. based on Source IP addresses or Cookie insert) and if there are special requirements for time-out values? 

1. Persistency should be based on Cookie. 
2. There are no special requirements for timeout. 

The default time-out value is 180 seconds.
The value of Session time out is configurable in the application so we do not expect a time out configured on the load balancer. 

If the load balancing is done based on jsession id, the jsession id is used in the Correspondent when invoking the ActiveX. 
The best way to setup an external load balancer would be to copy the way that the IBM HTTP software load balancer works. 
So this is something the customer will have to explore further. 

In terms of the drawbacks of using persistency based on jsession id:

- when using secure connection via TLS Pass-through, it won't work (as load balancer cannot encrypt the header and forward the message properly) - they would see that already though, because EngageOne wouldn't work; 
- after using application for longer time, there might be a different load on servers, as some users hold the session longer than others. 
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017