How to fix "ERROR 70502 unable to access index [iguid] in database" in E2Vault

UPDATED: August 7, 2017

"ERROR 70502 unable to access index [iguid] in database"

The index for the archive data could have been corrupted.

The error message may be coming from the e2serverd process and the index file iguid.dri may not exist.

Check if the iguid is being created in profiles.ini and made available in database.ini.
(if there are no IndexN= settings at all, it is defined by default)

If you're using the iguid search directly, it is probably a custom application.

If that application was changed and somewhere you have used the iguid rather that the guid functions you might see this error.

It's also possible the iguid index was deleted for some reasons.

As an alternate solution, you could backup the INDEX\ folder and replaced the ‘BAD’ files with the files that worked before.

This is a more straightforward and less risky than if you have to rebuild the indexes again.

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