How to fix duplicates Links that cause 'System.OutOfMemoryException' error in Designer

Often users encounter 'System.OutOfMemoryException' error. The error is not specific uniquely to a particular scenario, however it can occur due to Designer timing out.
Designer is a 32 bit process and the maximum memory it can utilize is 2GB worth of memory (even if it's installed on a 64 bit Operating System), beyond which it will timeout.

In this particular example, Designer was timing out due to insufficient memory available when publishing the HIP file for Generate. This was due to duplicate links being produced between the publication and the associated data map.
Described below are some steps to undertake for troubleshooting:

1.Double click on the Publication to open the Publication Properties Window. 

2.Reassociate the same data map to the publication by browsing and selecting the same data map.
The purpose of this step is the existing links would be removed and a new unique link will then be associated.

3.Save the publication 

4.Close the publication 

5.Select the publication and Publish for Generate - ensure you save the HIP file in another drive other than C drive.
Also to note that when creating a HIP file, Designer automatically deploy it to the users temp directory on the C drive until it is deployed to the location specified in the production job.

6.The publication when opened will now use less memory then before enabling publish to complete successfully.

For best performance , the publication should be opened , re-saved (File / Save) and then Published as this is much quicker.

This issue is also fixed in all Designer 6.x Versions from 6.1GA onwards.

If you would like a copy of this software release, please contact Technical Support by sending an email to
UPDATED:  August 7, 2017