Understanding why old Enquiries are shown when using What's Going On on the map in ConfirmConnect

On the Map tab of ConfirmConnect there is a pop out tab that allows you to select Enquiries.

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'What's Going On' displays all Enquiries that up to a maximum of 1 kilometre from the centre of the map view and have had a status update in the last 180 days. The idea being that if it's more than 180 days since the last update, then that Enquiry is no longer relevant and a new one is required. 

A yellow icon indicates Enquiries where the follow up date has not yet been reached.
An orange icon indicates Enquiries where the follow up date has passed.

It is not possible to drill into the Enquiries retrieved this way, as these results were only intended to show other Enquiries in the area, to aid the user in deciding if a new Enquiry is needed. Details are provided on the existing Enquiry that displays the Enquiry Number and officer to whom it is assigned.

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UPDATED:  April 3, 2019