How to find out if it is possible to to create a Contractor who cannot approve their own variations in Confirm

Product Feature: Contract Evaluation


A customer has created a new Contractor on their Confirm system who will have access to log into the system. Whilst the Contractor would need to be able to raise a Variation against a Job, they need to ensure they cannot approve their own Variations. 

How this can be done? If there are no Seed Numbers set under the Contract Order Pad tab on the Work Group for this user, should that  prevent this? 


As per our knowledge, we do not have a mechanism to prevent the Variation to Commit. Either we can stop the whole payment or we can prevent Creation of a Variation from a Contractor, i.e. we can achieve this through seed numbers (do not allocate any seed numbers to this particular contractors Work Group).  
UPDATED:  September 25, 2017