How to understand the Postage Amount different between 3600-FCM A7 and EngageOne Enrichment (formerly StreamWeaver) spoilage report (from Manifest Keyline.) in MailStream Plus

Specifically on the MailStream Plus (MSP) 3600-FCM line A7 for 1oz Automation AADC, it had the piece postage correctly at .399 each, which is the correct rate (currently June 2016).

When there was spoilage, StreamWeaver (SW) generated a spoilage report.  That report said the postage for each piece was .396

Further down the 3600-FCM, on line A15, it reflected the pieces were also getting a .003 discount for Full Service IMb.

The postage amount was passed into SW using the Inkjet file and the SW %%KEY_LINE variable.  %%KEY_LINE reads the MSP-generated inkjet file starting at position 206, which is the Manifest Keyline info fields.   The Postage amount on the Keyline field correctly reflects the piece getting the Full Service IMb discount, or .396 actual postage.

Note:  the spoilage report is not something that is automatically built into SW, it had to be created.
UPDATED:  August 14, 2017