Is the IMtB barcode required on your traytags if you are running a Basic Presort and not Full Service for MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Update July 17, 2017.  
The USPS has told one customer that they need to have Barcoded Intellgient Mail trays tags to get automation rates.  And the current Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) says in 204 3.1.1-
Intelligent Mail tray labels are the USPS-approved method to encode routing, content, origin, and mailer information on trays and sacks. Intelligent Mail tray labels are designed for optimum use with Intelligent Mail barcoded mail and have the capacity to provide unique identification throughout postal processing, but are required for use on all trays and sacks in presorted mailings.
A MailStream Plus™ user is being told by the USPS to use the IMtB barcode on the traytags.  They are not doing Full Service.
The suggestion was to show the USPS the RIBBs website that has documents to show the IMtB barcode is not required for Basic presorts. 
This document:

On page 3 - we found:
Under the Basic option:
Mailers migrate from the POSTNET barcode to the Intelligent Mail barcode for mailpieces
The use of IMb tray labels or container placards is not required. Use of these formats is optional

And this document:

On page 2 -
It gives rules for Basic and does not say the IMtB is required

2.1.2 Basic Automation Option
Mailers have the option of submitting mailpieces that carry an IMb and receive automation pricing. When creating
the IMb for the basic automation option, mailers must include:
 The same Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)-certified delivery-point ZIP Code information;
 A MID assigned by USPS;
 The class of mail indicated in a basic-automation-option STID; and
 The OEL information in the Barcode Identifier field, if an endorsement is printed on a flat-sized mailpiece.
The Serial Number field may be populated with any number or numbering system the mailer chooses.
And this document:
Page 2 has this:
What is the difference between Basic and Full-Service?
The Postal Service currently offers two service options for mailers: Basic and Full-Service
Under the Basic option, mailers use the Intelligent Mail barcode for their mailpieces (uniqueness
not required), and the use of IMb tray labels or container placards are not required.

UPDATED:  May 17, 2019