Resolve error 1030: Unmatched PA INF XXXXXX - P ATTR/Link not found in MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus 8.3.2 and later, All platforms
Starting with MailStream Plus (MSP) 8.3.2 more validation for the PA INF parameter has been added.
For example, you may receive this type of error:
PA INF                     IMBMLR 123456
            ############                        1030: Unmatched PA INF IMBMLR - P ATTR/Link not


Any PA INF parameters that do not have a piece id code or the L in position 8 to (Use this parameter as a default for all P ATTR parameters)
Will now receive this error in MSP 8.3.2 and later versions. The same parameter will not give an error in previous versions of MSP.
Once users have added the L in position 8 (or a piece id code), they should no longer receive this error.
On the MSP 8.3.2 Release notes, this is listed as this change request:
MSPLUS-7356 Enhanced the processing of PA INF parameters to not use P ATTR table entries

Another related possible cause of this error is that the PA INF is not using the L in position 8, but is using the Piece ID code in 14-22.  And the PA INF is in the parameter list *before* the P ATTR it  matches to.  The PA INFs are checked to make sure they match a P ATTR at the time they are being read in from the parameter list.  So if the PA INF is before the P ATTR, then it will give the error about it being unmatched.  To resolve this, move PA INFs to be after the P ATTR parameter(s).
UPDATED:  July 12, 2017