The original MailStream Plus June 2016 Postal Reference Files have FSS issues due to USPS error. They have now been re-built and re-posted

Database: June 2016
The first June Postal Reference Files (PRF) that were announced being available about June 16 2016 had some FSS zones that should not have been in them.  Here is the USPS announcement (and it is also attached to this KB).

Notice from USPS

We have pulled those files off the Web site, and are re-building them now, and then will re-post them.

Note: June files are valid for use for mailings dropping starting on July 1, thru August 31 2016.

The files that can currently be used for mailings are:
The May files are valid for mailings dropping June 1 thru July 31
The April files are valid for mailings dropping May 1 thru June 30.

This article will be updated when the revised June files are available.  
***Update***, The new June files were posted to the web site and eStore on June 20, 2016.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017