Resolving the error: E 8059: Invalid DRPKEY / PLTKEY parameter values detected with MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 
Operating System: All Platforms
Starting with MailStream Plus™  (MSP) 8.3.2 more validation for the xx INF parameter using the subkeywords DRPKEY and PLTKEY has been added.  For example, you may receive this type of error in the jobname.xlg, prntxlg or msrpxlg: 
06/16/2016  17:21:32            MSDR01     I MSRFMC Ver. -  R08.3M02
06/16/2016  17:21:32            MSDR01     I  8058: Invalid DRPKEY  Y23078 for ENTPT Tampa
06/16/2016  17:21:32            MSDR01     E  8059: Invalid DRPKEY / PLTKEY parameter values detected
06/16/2016  17:21:32            MSDR01     I MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
For this example, if you review the DRPKEY value:

RP INF                     DRPKEY  Y23078

Here there are 2 problems. 
  • The first is the value is Y23078 starting in position 36 instead of 35.  (Please review the layout of the xx INF parameters in the MSP Reference Guide).  Once the value in position 36 was moved to start in position 35, it still gave the same error. 
  • The Second issue is the locale code should be 7 bytes.  Above it is only 6 bytes. After investigating and verifying local key values on the USPS FAST site for the proper locale code value, the value should be EY23078:
RP INF                     DRPKEY EY23078

The ‘E’ was missing.
On the MSP 8.3.2 Release notes, this was listed as a change request: 
  • MSPLUS-7795 Added validation for xx INF DRPKEY and PLTKEY definitions for the ENT PT (entry points) table
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019