How to install a Spectrum Visual insights license file

UPDATED: September 6, 2017

There are two ways to apply the license file for Spectrum Visual Insights

If you are running the repositoryinstaller program after a fresh install of Spectrum Visual Insights:
1. Upload the license when setting up the repository by specifying the license file in under the LicenseFilePath property.

If you have already run the repositoryinstaller, or need to apply a renewed license:
1. Upload the license by opening the Spectrum Visual Insights web page on the host machine.
2. After login, the system prompts you for the license file.
3. Select the license file from your file system using the Browse button.
4. Once selected, click Next to continue.

*Note that you must do this on the host machine - the License upload feature only works on the same machine that Spectrum Visual Insights is running on.

For more information on Spectrum Visual Insights, please see our documentation pages:

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Products Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform - Spectrum Visual Insights


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