How to determine the version of Visual Dialogue, Dialogue Server and Portrait HQ

Portrait Visual Dialogue and Dialogue Server:
  • Navigate to File Menu in Visual Dialogue
  • Select the Help Option
  • Version Information is available just above the Help and Documentation section. Refer the following screenshot.
User-added image
  • Navigate to <PD Install folder>\PST\Million Handshakes\
  • Select properties by right clicking on the 'MHVisualDialog.exe​'.
  • Navigate to Details tab in the Properties window and search for File Version. Refer the following screenshot​

Portrait HQ:
  • Login to Portrait HQ.
  • Select HQ (at top right corner) then 'About Portrait HQ'.
  • 'About' Portrait HQ window will provide the version details. Refer the following screenshot
User-added image

UPDATED:  April 5, 2017