Resending a street works notice in Confirm Street Works

Products affected: Confirm
How to re-send a street works notice.

 - Open the notice in Confirm
 - Go to the 'Contacts' tab
 - Click the 'Resend notices' button

This will then resend the notice to the recipients on the next run of the Street Works Transfer Agent.

Selecting a Recipient and then clicking the 'Resend Notices' button forces all Notices, Comments and Inspections (EToN 6 only) from the current Notice onwards to be resent Earlier Notices, Comments or Inspections will not be resent.

Only one Recipient can be highlighted at a time.

This button will only be active if:
  • The Notice is from an Initiating Organisation (where Initiation Flag is ticked in the Organisation lookup).
  • The 'Update' User Security on the Find Street Works option is ticked for the currently logged in User.
  • The Works is EToN 4 or above.
  • If there are Recipients for the Notice.
UPDATED:  October 1, 2018