MailStream Plus and CODE-1 Plus - Are they supported on IBMi v7r3

Operating System: IBMi, (AS400, iSeries)
This information is current as-of Nov. 8, 2017.  The latest version of MailStream Plus is 8.3.3, and the latest CODE-1 Plus is 4.2.0.

According to our latest "Supported Platforms" doc- 
-For MailStream Plus (MSP), the three versions (8.3.0, 8.3.1, and 8.3.2) have all been certified for v6r1, v7r1, and v7r2
The latest version 8.3.3 has been certified on v7r3. 

-For CODE-1 Plus (C1P), the three versions (3.7.0, 4.0.0, and 4.1.0) were all certified for v6r1, v7r1.  And the 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 were also certified for v7r2.
The latest version 4.2.0 has been certified on v7.r3. 
UPDATED:  November 8, 2017