How to Identify SQL Server database used as EngageOne repository DB

EngageOne version:3.X
We can find it by following either of the steps:

1.From EngageOne Administration:
  • Navigating to 'System Administration'->'Configuration Management'->'Database Configuration'. Refer screenshot.
2.From engageone-ds.xml (located at <Jboss_home>\server\default\deploy):
  • Open <Jboss_home>\server\default\deploy\engageone-ds.xml in any text editor.
  • Search for <connection-url> in the file.
  • <Connection-url> should be same for two datasources present in the file and it gives information about SQL Server host, port, instance on which EngageOne Repository is hosted, beside EngageOne repository database name.

If above steps does not help, contact Client Support.
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017