How to identify the instance of Java used by EngageOne

Operating System: Windows
Java used by EngageOne can be identified with the help of 'Jconsole.exe', bundled with Java Development Kit (JDK). Follow these steps on the machine where JBoss hosting EngageOne is running:
1) Go to '<Java_home>\bin'.
2) Launch Jconsole.exe placed in this directory, using "Run as Administrator" option.
3) With the launch of Jconsole (Java Monitoring & Management Console), name and process Id’s of all the instances of Java running on machine will be listed.

In JBoss 5.1.X:
If EngageOne has been launched using run.bat –b –c default than as per attachment, Java with the process id 5296 corresponds to JBoss/EngageOne.

This Java instance can be connected by selecting the instance and clicking on ‘connect’ button. Once connected, config.service.endpoint is visible under ‘VM Summary’->’VM Arguments’. Refer attachment

In JBoss 6.2.X:
Application server is started with standalone-full.xml as an argument which will be visible in ‘VM Summary’->’Connection Name’. Refer attachment

Jconsole can also be used to identify the instance of Java launched if EngageOne is deployed over other Application Server by checking the command/Parameter used to start the Application Server/EngageOne as these will be visible in the instance of Java accessed by Jconsole.

UPDATED:  October 19, 2017