Explanation of an R777 Carrier Route Code returned in CODE-1 Plus and Finalist

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist

The USPS CASS Cycle O regulation states that any physical address assigned a phantom carrier route of R777 is not eligible for street delivery. For more information on R777, visit the USPS RIBBS site by using this link:

As an example, the document entitled "Partnership in Tomorrow Meeting Minutes/CASS™ MASS™/Cycle 2015 – 2017, September 24, 2013" (which can be found using the link above) defines R777 as follows:

R777 Definition/Clarification

Physical addresses that are assigned to a phantom route of R777 are not eligible for street delivery.
 Flagged as a no-stat record
 The ZIP + 4 cannot be returned by CASS software
 Cannot be counted on the 3553 as a ZIP + 4 coded record
 The ZIP + 4 should not be printed on the mailpiece

CASS software can be configurable to return a DPV Return Code of “N” when matched to an R777 record, but the default setting must be configured to return a Return Code of “Y” when matched to an R777 record.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017