How to run a MailStream Plus job that will use the outbound IMB from the input file

Operating System:  All Platforms
Current version of MSP is 8.3.2
1) On the IMBOUT parameter in positions 8 – 10, give the location of the IMB in the input file. Use positions 7 – 10 if the location is beyond position 999.

2) In position 11 of the IMBOUT parameter add the P to say the IMB value is predefined. Leave everything else blank up until position 69.

3) If the TADF value is needed and add a location in position 69 – 71 to post the TADF value to the output file. 
Use positions 68 – 71 if the location is beyond position 999.

Please refer to the MailStream Plus Reference Guide for detail information about all parameters.
UPDATED:  August 14, 2017