How to upgrade Task Processor in silent mode in Confirm

Confirm version 16
Follow the steps to upgrade the Task Processor in Silent Mode-
1. Prepare the silent upgrade command: 
  • Copy the following command in any text editor (like Notepad): setup.exe /s /v"/qb! IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME=<Domain\Task Processor User> IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD=<Password>".
  • Replace <Domain\Task Processor User> with domain and user account used by Task Processor service. 
  • Replace <Password> with actual password.
2.   Copy the Task Processor setup installation folder at the local drive on installation machine. 
3.    Open command prompt as administrator. 
  • Change the directory to point at local installation folder. 
  • Run the command prepared in step 1 to perform silent upgrade. 
Screen-shot here is an example of the steps described above.

User-added image
UPDATED:  July 28, 2017