How to install a CODE-1 Plus patch on the Unix platform

Operating System: HP_UX, Unix
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
The following instructions describe how to install a Product Update (patch) on the Unix platform.
  1. Download the product update file. The downloaded file has a .zip or .exe extension.
  2. Unzip the file. One of the files that will appear should be a .tar file. Use this file in the steps below.
  3. Copy or FTP the .tar file to your UNIX or Linux platform and place it into the Pitney Bowes product $PBDIR/c1p/lib directory. If you FTP, be sure to use binary mode. Make sure you back up or save your $PBDIR/c1p/lib directory before going to the next step.
       4. Un-tar the file into the $PBDIR/c1p/lib area using the following command:

           tar -xvf

           where Xnn is the update designator (with X being the update type and nn being the update number). The person performing this step must have write privileges on all              files in the current directory or the tar command will fail. Two new files should now be available:

           • c1pXnn.tar
           • install

            where Xnn is the update designator.

      5. Run the install script ($PBDIR/c1p/lib/install) to install the product updates from the c1pPXnn.tar file. Do not manually un-tar the c1pXnn.tar file unless you are directed             to do so by Pitney Bowes Technical Support.  The install script must be executed from the lib subdirectory of the product being updated. The tar file must also be                       present in this area. A new file (for example, aix_O01rls, hpx_S02rls) will be placed under the $PBDIR/c1p/lib to verify the patch installation.

      6. Run the IVP/sample job to verify a successful installation of the product update.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017