EngageOne Video EOV add custom font for project

User may choose to add additional/custom font(s) for their project(s) to be use for text overlays. 
Please contact us at and we will arrange it for you.

Custom font installation is bound to a particular project, so please specify which project you require the fonts to be added to.
If you have multiple projects that use different font(s) group, please provide a list which linked between "font(s) used" against "a project".

Each font would required 4 types of format; otf/ttf, eot, woff, and svg. 
We also need your confirmation that each of the font has a web license for the domain on which it will be used.
Bear in mind that a viewer of a video would need to download the font(s) in order to view their video, adding font(s) with large total size will decrease the viewing/download performance.

UPDATED:  March 31, 2017