How to search based on date range in E2 Vault

UPDATED: April 19, 2017

Below is the example to perform search based on date range in E2 Vault using .NET API

DateRange search : Search INVLINK index through ACCOUNT, DATEFROM and DATETO .The format of DATEFROM and DATETO is YYYYMMDD

string dbname = "multi-doc";
string account = "pdf-1.3";
string datefrom = "20120101";
string dateto = "20120103";

RenderClient2 client=new RenderClient2("", 6003); client.connect();
e2SearchList2 slist2 = client.DatabaseSearchByDateRange(dbname, account, datefrom, dateto); client.close();

int searchsize2 = (slist2!=null)?slist2.Size():0; for (int i = 0; i < searchsize2; i++) {
e2SearchData2 sd2=(e2SearchData2)slist2.Get(i);

if (sd2 == null)

Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToString(i + 1) + " :: " + sd2.ToString());

Console.WriteLine("DatabaseSearchByDateRange results : "+searchsize2); Console.WriteLine("done with DatabaseSearchByDateRange() !");

Please  Note : This method is doing the filtering on API side, not on server side, it might not be efficient.So, when using this method,set up the DATEFROM and DATETO string more specific.

Environment Details

Product Feature: E2 Vault Render



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